Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 60: Follow the Rainbow


Marcella, Hank, Hulda, Asantewaa, and Amy fight with and defeat three briar wolves. Marcella kills two of them, and Hank spares the third, asking how to find the True Fae. Following the sound of Zia’s screams, the group moves through the house, past a cloud of dark threads which attaches itself to Hulda, to a room with a large dollhouse. Asantewaa and Amy are sucked into the dollhouse when they try to investigate it. The others move past and find the Fae and Zia, along with three changeling lackeys.


Everyone is moving past the frozen briar wolf towards the door under the minstrels’ balcony, following Hank and Marcella. Hank is trying to convince the wolf that he is the alpha wolf, and also moves towards the door on the far side of the room.

Everyone notices that the room itself has a few pieces of wooden furniture that are actually woven vines somehow frozen to look more like wood, and there are lots of slightly-off things, as though they are made out of materials that one would normally not use. Asantewaa notices that set into the ceiling, at periodic intervals, are small mirrors. She says, “There are many mirrors in the ceiling.”

Marcella says, “Fucking Fae,” and Hank growls.

Marcella makes it to door, and sees a long, dark hallway. She steps in, but doesn’t go any further.

The briar wolf tries to stand, but still can’t move. However, he does howl again, and there are two answering howls from the corridor in front of Marcella.

Amy runs up near Marcella and changes her knife out for a ball of acid. Hulda runs level with Hank, about 10 feet behind Marcella, and casts Shadowpatch, which makes her less noticeable.

Asantewaa runs up to where Marcella is and grabs a bronze-ish vase and rips off the handle, to use as an improvised weapon. She notices that, just like the hallway they used to get here, there are inset mirrors in the walls, deep enough so they are not easily visible. There are at least three, and probably more. She also sees the glow from a wolf’s eyes at the far end of the hallway, and decides not to move towards it until it has moved toward her. She says, “And now, back to the large mirrors.”

A briar wolf runs out onto the minstrel’s balcony and jumps down, landing on top of Hulda. She is on the ground, with a briar wolf on top of her. Hank uses a grappling tackle to take the wolf off of Hulda. He is on top of the wolf now.

Hulda, now that she can move, reaches for her jar of eyes and tries to blind the second wolf. The contract fails.

The briar wolf at the end of the hall, which Asantewaa sees has a lovely, much more reddish-toned coan than the other one, runs down the hall. Marcella notices it, finally. The wolf barrels into Asantewaa, but doesn’t knock her down. Asantewaa stabs it in the back with her vase handle.

Amy switches her knife out for one of the acid balls.

Marcella moves over to stab the wolf near Hank. He has the torso and legs well secured, and its head is snapping at his neck, so she goes for its arm. She misses with the bone sword, but hits with the obsidian sword.

The briar wolf that Marcella has trapped is very scared, but manages to get a contract off against Asantewaa that makes her move more slowly and clumsily. Next, he tries to use the contract Creeping Dread on Hank, but fails, and frightens himself more. He also still cannot move.

Amy goes to attack the wolf that’s attacking Hank. (Good girls don’t fight, but Amy’s pissed. Good girls don’t fight unless they’re really mad!) She throws the knife into its arm, the same arm that Marcella hit earlier.

Hank growls at all the briar wolfs to try and continue to establish himself as their alpha. The one that keeps botching is now not only super afraid, but is pretty sure that Hank knows what’s going on, and he will not attack Hank. He is trying to curl into a ball, as much as he can without being able to move. The one Hank is currently on top of whines a bit. The other one growls back at Hank.

The briar wolf that Hank is on top of bits Hank, sinking its teeth into his shoulder. The one near Asantewaa claws her across the inside of her ribs, but doesn’t try to escape her grapple.

Asantewaa never really removed her jug handle from the wolf, and now twists the weapon in its side again. It keeps bleeding.

Marcella stabs the wolf underneath Hank in the arm with both swords, in such a way that she twice hits a very important artery. The wolf shudders, falls unconscious, and starts to bleed profusely. The pool of blood is spreading quickly. As far as Hank can tell, the wolf is either unconscious, or perhaps dead.

Hulda stands up and tries to cast Murkblur on the other wolf, but it resists.

Asantewaa’s briar wolf attacks her again, giving her another good scratch across the ribs.

Marcella moves up behind Asantewaa, reaches around her, and stabs the wolf she’s fighting with each of her sword, one in each side. This briar wolf immediately becomes an unconscious dead weight on Asantewaa, who manages to stay upright. It topples to the side, tearing the jug handle out of Asantewaa’s hand, and is bleeding profusely.

The cowering briar wolf still can’t move, but howls in a very specific pattern. This is different from how it sounded before.

Amy goes and retrieves her knife out of the dead wolf.

Asantewaa ambles down the hallway, still slowed down by one of the wolf’s contracts. She’s meandering from side to side a bit. About halfway down, she shoulders one of the full-length mirrors in the wall, and breaks it. None of the shards cut her.

Marcella calls after her, “Asantewaa, wait for the rest of us!”

Hulda also heads towards the hallway and starts looking around. She notices the mirrors in the walls, and that Asantewaa has broken one. The end of the hallway seems incredibly dark.

Hank gets up from off of the dead wolf, rather bloody. He also tries to interpret the last remaining wolf’s strange howl. He believes it is a mourning for dead companions and a summon of some kind. “That wolf just … summoned something,” he says.

“Maybe it’s the Fae,” Amy says.

“Or more wolves,” Hulda muses.

“We best get out of here,” Marcella says.

Hank tries again to convince the last briar wolf that he’s it’s alpha, not knowing how successful he has been thus far. The wolf whimpers and cowers, seemingly able to move a bit more than it could before.

Amy moves towards the middle of the group, a little closer to the door to the hallway.

Marcella turns back to look at the room and check on the status of the rest of her team, and the last remaining wolf. She sees that Hank is now standing, and that the wolf looks slightly less like a skeleton on a string. She starts moving towards that wolf.

The wolf runs up to Marcella and says in garbled speak that sounds more or less human, “You killed my friends. I’ll kill you!” It bites her, drawing blood.

Hank growls at it. Marcella says, “Your friends tried to kill my friends; I’ll kill you first!”

Hulda looks around the hallway she’s in at the walls, and sees smooth walnut paneling. Asantewaa walks a slightly farther down the hallway, still sort of listening to Marcella’s request that she wait for the rest of them.

The briar wolf whines as Marcella stabs it with both of her swords. It is also now bleeding.

Amy throws her knife into the briar wolf, damaging it further.

Hulda looks around the hallway some more, examining the mirrors to see if they are magicked. They don’t seem to be inherently magic, though they could still have magic cast upon them.

The wolf bites at Marcella again, but doesn’t connect.

Hank asks the briar wolf, “Where does the Maker take changelings?”

The wolf growls at Hank a little bit and says, “To the dollhouses. To everywhere.”

“How do you get to the dollhouses from here?”

“Continue onwards.”

Asantewaa continues her very slow, ‘I’m definitely waiting for the party’ meander. She’s about ⅔ of the way down the hallway.

Hank moves past Marcella and grabs the remaining wolf by the scruff of its neck. It doesn’t resist. “Stop attacking,” he growls.

Amy walks over to the wolf and puts out her hand to retrieve her knife.

The wolf slumps in Hank’s grasp.

Marcella says, “I still think we should kill it.”

Hulda is about halfway down the hallway, but can’t see if there is a door at the end. She just sees intense darkness. She continues walking, and reaches the end of the hall. She can see a misty cloud of darkness, as though someone spun it into tangible threads.

“We may be able to get more information,” Hank says doubtfully to Marcella.

For rest, refer to audio log at timestamp [1:10:54]



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