Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 62: Tea Time with the Maker


Amy spends her time locked in the dollhouse attempting to escape. The Maker attempts to engage her in conversation and assures her that should the party fulfill their obligation to her, Amy will be set free. She confirms that both Zia and Asantewaa have been returned to the party and that Amy is the only current prisoner. She promises not to harm Amy.

The Maker asks to get to know Amy better, and states that she is an enemy of Amy’s Keeper. She mentions that her exile from Arcadia was partially because Amy’s Keeper stole much of her power, and that she could help Amy get revenge on her Keeper.

The Maker appears to know something about the mysterious Green Man, mentioning that "the Green Man may win his war in Arcadia, "and asks several questions about Amy’s durance and the potential interactions of both her Keeper and the Keepers of the rest of the party


[Refer to audio log dated September 19th, 2015]



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