Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 64: Let's Get This Show on the Road


Nodons has spent the night at the party’s house in order to make sure the Maker or her forces do not come after them.

Further research into the poppet that the party is looking for, largely by Hank and Asantewaa, produces a couple of likely leads with sufficient history and creepiness attached to them.

Later Hank works on obtaining transportation and lodging for the party during their trek to Avignon, and then cooks a tasty breakfast.

Marcella and Fianna have a conversation about Fianna’s heat-of-the-moment punch to Marcella’s face, and confirm that Fianna actually has no problems with Marcella. Fianna is upset when she finds out Marcella has not seen to the injury and forces her to go talk to Hank. Hank quite pointedly asks Nodons to heal Marcella.

Hank makes sure Byron takes care of Petey, and the party assembles the last of their necessary supplies for their trip.

Later, the party gets to the train station, and Hank gets the feeling that someone is watching them.


[Refer to audio log dated September 27th, 2015]



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