Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 68: Avignon's Next Top Forgery

What are people doing:
Asantewaa – helping Hank and Zia with making dolls
Hulda – posting things on the internet, making videos publicized(Marcella helping)
Fianna – done with her creative things, doesn’t reall have much else to do until doll-stealing time. Continues attempting to send text mesages to Amy.

In the rented apartment -
Zia has made the dressed, Hank is prepping the hair for the doll heads. She asks Asantewaa to very carefully scrape off the paint from the premade doll heads.(Asantewaa has a last chance die, but it’s not going to be very difficult.) Zia is working on the bodies of the dolls. Doll #1 (museum doll) – quite good, so as per the others, it goes towards convincing people it is the doll you are looking for. Hank helps with combing through the filling to make it finer/take out irregularities. Hank does a good job with very delicate work with his big hands and his tiny fluffy filling.

In the hostel – Hulda is working on her articles. She finishes one that is very academic and not super penetrable but very well written, and starts one that is more popular science based. Hulda is working on setting up a log-in for Fianna to comment on things. Fianna may go wander the city and log into many of the maker related sites from different public computers.

In the apartment – Zia makes a very good copy of the body for the doll #2. These dolls are coming out very well, but taking a long time. We need to refire the porcelain heads once they are painted, so Hank is working on getting that set up and doing some practice runs. He seems to set it up successfully and then puts the piece of porcelain in the kinda wrong place, so it comes out okay, but it’s not great. He tries a second time, getting a second opinion from Zia.

[interlude while Jenny loses a needle in our dining room]

Asantewaa is bad at scraping, gets moved to paints. Covers herself in paint. Hank takes over scraping. Zia gives Asantewaa a bubble bath in the sink. The dress washes out very easily, and Zia makes her a little towel with a fabric scrap. The bath is adorable and unusually specific.

Hank continues scraping the paint off the doll heads, Zia works on the bodies. The third doll body is very amazing and makes people feel better.

Fianna and Hulda work on computer things, successfully getting her an account and making a new involved persona. Fianna gets heavily invested in commenting on other people’s comments and starting ‘conversations’ in the comment boxes. Don’t feed the trolls, Fianna! (She is an angry 12 year old on the internet. Oh dear.)

At 9 PM, Zia takes a break and gets us food. Hank has finished the heads and is researching how to antique the porcelain. She calls Fianna to remind them to eat. Zia fetches food for Hank and herself, Hulda makes ramen for herself and Fianna. Apartment finishes eating at 10:15.

Hank finds out how to antique all the things and makes up mixtures using SCIENCE! (Here is successful but not exceptionally so). At 2 am the kiln finishes firing and needs to cool. They go to bed, Asantewaa has Hank’s phone.

Asantewaa spends the night developing the internet persona – someone skeptical but interesting, engaging in the debate. Fianna makes breakfast in the morning a little before Hulda gets up. Hank makes breakfast when he and Zia bet up, so Zia can get started more quickly. It is WIG TIME! The first wig takes Zia 2 hours! But it is gorgeous. It is for one of the identical dolls. Zia takes a break and goes for a walk. Hank takes the entire of the 2 hours setting up perfectly, scientifically accurate paints.

While Zia works on the next head, and makes it utterly perfect, including all of the little smudges and oddities, Hank researches the doll societies, doll existence stuff in general, and Asantewaa practices not blinking.

Hulda works on her next article, Fianna continues working on the comments.

Zia makes the second wig. It is only exceptional, not splendiferous. Hank and Fianna make the respective groups lunches.

Over the course of the afternoon hank draws up diagrams of the spaces, make notes for the security measures, the best way to get in and out, and collate the information to make it as good as possible for Hulda and Fianna. As he is drawing it up, he puts together that while he didn’t notice the security at Mme DuBois, he realizes that there were ankle-height security lasers set up at the floor level. He doesn’t know exactly where they all are, but there is one directly in front of the doll we want to swap, and multiple in front of Adrienne.

Asantewaa works on staying still, Hulda finishes her article. Fianna is angry on the internet. Zia paints the second head and it is extraordinarily decent. It goes into the kiln successfully.

Hank does more specific doll – period research on this type of doll (both the original style and the revivals). He finds some good citations on the internet and one book that is digitally available. He starts reading through that. Then makes dinner.

Fianna, Hudla, and Marcella stage a thing where the doll floats out through the window, Marcella is the onlooker in the street who takes a video selfie thing. Fianna adds creepy fire. They send it to Hank and Zia.

By midnight, Zia has assembled all of the dolls. We set up the aging process. On her next walk, she notices someone tall and dark watching her. She tells Hank and Asantewaa when she returns, and Hank warns Fianna and Hulda. Fianna goes for a walk and immediately is accosted by a darkling from the Avignon Freehold, who asks if she’s stupid to pull such an unwise stunt. They Avignon Freehold is displeased about our public display of contracts. He tells her if there is a repeat that we’ll be thrown out. She asks how long they’ve been following us and says that if it happens again, they will be asked to leave. From now on, we will be followed by their freehold, and they tell us not to pull any stupid shit. He waits for a second, and then stomps off. He turns ‘If you needs us, I’m sure your freehold can gives you the number of our freehold. I suppose’ Fianna sighs, mutters to herself, and returns to the hostel. She texts Marcella, and calls Hank and Zia to fill them in on the situation. Hank and Zia are not surprised. Zia finishes the dolls and has Hank and Asantewaa examine them. They don’t notice anything. When they went for a walk earlier, he tipped his hat to the darkling who is now watching them. They sleep! Yay!



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