Dr. Henry "Hank" Brunner

Research scientist turned research experiment



Mask: Hank is quite large, almost seven feet tall. He has a broad build in the shoulders and is very physically solid. He incorporates different aspects of several animals; while his body is primarily reminiscent of a grizzly bear, his head and face are more like an ox or buffalo, and his legs are powerful, but ape-line. His hair and body hair reflect his ursine nature, auburn with threads of grey, which are lighter and more pronounced lower on his body. Despite his size, he doesn’t seem to take up as much space as you’d expect.

Mien: Hank is a tall, broad-shouldered man with fly-away auburn hair, prominent sideburns, and stubble. He is greying slightly, which is more prominent at the temples. He appears to be in his 40s. He tends to dress formally, wearing a shirt, trousers, and vest, even under his lab coat. He wears glasses. His Acadian (French Canadian) accent is more prominent when he speaks English and French than when he speaks German. His demeanor is genial, polite, and very precise. Between that and the way he hunches, it seems as if he is trying to make up for the fact that he is larger and potentially more intimidating than almost anyone else around.


Hank emerged from the Hedge on January 5th, half a world away from his native Montreal. He agreed to stay with the Aachen Freehold, and was assigned to a group under the Summer Court, working with them through the winter and then with Autumn Court through the spring. He doesn’t talk about his durance, though some details are known about his escape through the Hedge. His team was recently disbanded after a mission gone-awry, which he also mostly doesn’t like to talk about. Others at the freehold have found him quite friendly on the surface, but personally very reserved, and there isn’t anyone currently within the Aachen freehold with whom he is close.

Dr. Henry "Hank" Brunner

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