Hulda is a tall and very pale woman who appears to be in her mid 20s. She has long black hair that flows down her back. She is very thin, and has an ethereal quality. She is typically dressed in flowing garments in blacks, whites, and grays.


Basic Information
Player: Jenny
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Lust
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Antiquarian
Court: Courtless

Seeming Blessing: May spend Glamour to add to any dice pools involving Wits, Subterfuge, or Stealth. 1 point of Glamour equates to 1 extra die. 9-again on Stealth
Kith Blessing: 9-again on Academic/Occult rolls. 1Glamour to gain Encyclopedic Knowledge for 1 question
Seeming Curse: -1 to enact Contracts during daylight. -2 if the sun is directly visible.

Health: 8
Willpower: 6/6
Wyrd: 4
Glamour: 13/13
Clarity: 6
(+1 to retain Clarity from Heimdahlszunft Pledge, lasts 1 year and a day)

Derangement: Irrationality – Any time Hulda is threatened with violence, challenged, or accused with anything, she has to roll to keep her cool. You do need to Roll Resolve+Composure to not lost your temper, but it also has to be a relatively credible threat

Intelligence: 4
Wits: 4
Resolve: 3

Strength: 1
Dexterity: 2
Stamina: 3

Presence: 1
Manipulation: 3
Composure: 3

Mental (-3 unskilled)

Academics (myths and legends and research): 5
Computer: 3
Crafts: 0
Investigation: 3
Occult (magic): 5
Politics: 1
Science: 0

Physical (-1 unskilled)

Athletics: 1
Brawl : 0
Drive: 0
Firearms: 1
Larceny: 1
Stealth (moving in darkness): 2
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 0

Social (-1 unskilled, )

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 0
Expression: 0
Intimidation : 0
Persuasion: 2
Socialize: 2
Streetwise : 0
Subterfuge (spotting lies): 3

Contracts of Darkness 2

Darkness 1: Creeping Dread
Target/targets become more afraid and are more susceptible to events that will cause them to be afraid or intimidated
Cost: 1 Glamour or 2 Glamour and 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Wyrd – Resolve
Action: Instant
Catch: Changeling is using clause to frighten intruders into her dwelling

Darkness 2: Night’s Subtle Distractions
Allows the Lost to avoid notice by enhancing physical conditions that limit perception.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wyrd+Stealth
Action: Instant
Catch: used outdoors at night

Contracts of Smoke 5

Smoke 1: The Wrong Foot
Changes the nature of marks left behind when passing through a locale.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: no roll necessary
Action: Instant
Catch: lick thumb and smudge it in a mirror.

Smoke 2: Nevertread
All traces of passing vanishes
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Changeling spent at least an hour barefoot within the last day.

Smoke 3: Shadowpatch
Darkness congeals around the Changeling
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Wits + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Changeling spent at least an hour away from natural light within the last day.

Smoke 4: Murkblur
The changeling creates a smoky caul over the eyes of the target, effectively blinding them. Target must be within the changeling’s line of sight.
Cost: 1 Glamour
Dice Pool: Int +Wyrd vs Resolve + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Changeling swallows the eye of an animal or insect while invoking the Contract.

Smoke 5: Lightshy
Grants the changeling true invisibility from everything including mechanical eyes.
Cost: 1 Glamour and 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Int + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: Changeling must have told a meaningful lie to someone very important to them in the past day.

Shade and Spirit 1: Ghostly Presence
Grants the changeling the ability to see and talk to ghosts
Cost: 1 Glamor
Dice Pool: Wyrd +Presence
Action: Instant
Lasts 1 scene
Catch: if the ghost is someone you knew when they were alive

Emotion Contract
stabilize people’s emotions. You can calm an angry person, help a sad person become happy or least no longer a puddle, or help a crazy person find a moment of calm and center
Dice Pool: Manipulation + Persuasion against composure + resolve
Cost: 1 Glamour
Catch: Someone who is dying/has had a near death experience in the past month

Harvest Emotions: 1

Flaw: -1 die to anything when it is bright (light sensitivity)

Size: 5
Speed: 8
Defense: 2
Armor: 2/3
Initiative: 5

Current Experience: 17
Experience Spent: 145
Experience Total: 162


Hulda’s outift for the Spring Court


Notes Hulda learned

Green Man – Changling accounts of escaping from a Fae with this name from 500-1500AD
Cernunnos – horned god, for the last 300 years weird links between him and Green Man
Green Man carvings up to 1000s of year old, several in Auchen
Common saying of Green Man is only since 1925ish

Ferdinand Hans (-1580) – took the promise to the grave since there was no one to give it to. Ghost in the cathedral. Keeper of the Regalia (1568-1580) star next to his name in a book titled "The Ancient Keeping of the Regalia of the HRE. (ceremonial pieces of state of HRE, around this time late1500s most pieces moved to Nuremberg). Order of the Golden Fleece (Spanish and Austrian semi-secret Catholic Order, informal military advisors to the monarch). Canon of the Church. Liaison between Catholic Church and HRE. In Achen cathedral records he died unexpectedly and no successor had been chosen, which is unusual and the ceremony had not been performed. Took 6 months to fill the position after his death, normally transition was same day. Council of Nuremberg formed to safeguard the Regalia and insure that only those who were supposed to have access had it, and when the Regalia was started to be stored in a non-religious space.

1888 – Year of the 3 Emperors

Black Forest – something about a ghost having the key to a labyrinth. unclear if 1 or multiple labyrinths. 2 stories mention spring and how the labyrinth is weakest in the spring essential for entering and exiting. either treasure inside, or designed to keep something in. mentions of a staff, possibly a piece of the regalia. person who successfully gets through the labyrinth is someone of the right rank meaning something given not just born, need to be anointed/appointed.

Ancient Keeping of the Regalia of the HRE

Unbroken line of Regalia Keepers from 15 years after death of Charlemagne and Ferdinand Hans. Always overlap between each person and their successor. Mention of a ritual performed before Charlemagne’s death, unsure who the first 1-3 keepers of regalia were. the ritual is formal whereby certain knowledge and possession of the rites of the HRE is partially held by the person in this position at a mystical level. The origin of this is a promise to a man of leaves (Green Man), in return for assisting with the containment of a compatriot, the man of leaves will help ensure the prosperity of all that Charlemagne controls. Detailed description including drawings of every item that had at any point been part of the regalia, including originals and modifications. Discussion of the politics of moving the regalia around, importance of the Council of Nuremberg and whether they were overstepping or not. Recent handwritten addendum, “final location not where it seems” Pressed into the back of the book is a vine shaped like a man’s face. (similar to medallions she is wearing) Something will happen if she touches it, especially if she feeds it glamour. Hulda touches the vine with a point of glamour. She loses contact with herself and sees a labyrinth and whips through the entire labyrinth until she reaches the center. at the center is a massive door and in front of it is an altar. on the stone altar is all the items of the regalia. There is a man who looks kinda like an elderly Charlemagne standing in front of the altar who intones in “latin” (nonsense words) and at the end a lock turns and a beam materializes in front of the door to close it. She then zips out of the labyrinth, following him. She exits into a massive forest and sees “Charlemagne” speak something to the labyrinth and sticks his hand into the hedge, getting the hedge and him bloody. Sees a wave of men and the regalia including Ferdinand Hans. Every face after him is blurry and not as connected. A voice says “the balance must be kept, the rites of the spring horn are begun, neither side can win on its own, on who’s side will you be on Hulda.” “i can think of many sides which ones do you mean” “The only ones that will matter” “Can you give me any hints” “the sides of one who has had a productive relationship with the powers of Germany or one who will rise ready for war. the labyrinth weakens, will you set him free or will you save Germany, I’ll be watching, I’ll help you.” “Who are you?” “I think you know” “Are you the green man?” “Who do you think got you out?” “what do you want” “I want to be respected, I want to have the power that is due me, and though you may not believe it, I have had a very productive relationship with your country?” “Who is locked in the labyrinth?” “were you to know it would only strengthen his power. there is a power in belief, there is a power in fear.” “Will I be able to contact you again” “if you have this book, otherwise I will contact you as I need you” “the book or the vine” "The vine is one with the book but don’t worry their will be other ways to contact me shortly, but your freehold will not like it. But if you would assist me, you can do so by becoming stronger and continuing on the path you’re on, it would suit me nicely. I can’t now act in your world as once I did, due to certain factors including insufficient tribute that was promised" “who promised?” “how do you think Arcadia works, how do you breathe, how do you eat, I bring the spring, and those who held you and your friends did not keep their promises so they will have no spring so I will take their favorite toys and use them for my own purposes.” “we’re not toys” “not to me, but to those who held you? something to play with, something to pass the time. that is what humans are to most fae, but not to me. *My greater concern with your world in this modern world means that I have a greater appreciation for those who will serve to the means they are capable of. now, if you’ll excuse me, I have other important matters to deal with, but have this.” Hulda is overwhelmed with green images that she can not comprehend at this time. “we will speak again to disengage from this, simply say, I am done.” his presence disappears, and Hulda separates from the book. Hulda had been covered with vines and then wasn’t.*

_Info Ausentaywah got looking at the military medals – the bearer of the keeper of the regalia medal were made by one jeweler in the city. the style of the jeweler’s name is similar to a changeling name. It is Steven Ironheart.

Ghosts in the Hedge – older ghosts, dressed in simple tunics 700ish are all chanting, (in Latin, simple chants and songs) those from similar time period but more ornate clothing are not. Those who are in newer clothes are not chanting and are following a spiral pattern similar, to the pattern in Auchen above.

Conversation with Ferdinand Hans – “I have done what I could to carry on, however, I have not yet found someone appropriate to take on my task. For it would not be proper for me to move on from my task without passing on my duty and title, for if that passes it would be a problem and Germany would not benefit.” “What characteristics would the person need for you to pass it on” “hard to know, used to be loyalty to the empire and ability to memorize the ritual. But I do not know what is needed at this time. Believe it could be held by more than 1 person, but it hadn’t been in my time.” Hank asks, “Can you tell us of the promise such that we might aid you in finding a successor.” “The promise, well it is more than just the promise, as the holder of the regalia it was my duty to make sure that the leader of the empire was properly invested and it was important for the promise that there is someone that holds that title. In a way I am the HRE as I am the only one who can grant that title as it can be granted at that time. The promise is that, well, you’re partially on the mark so to speak, it is a promise to defend the empire and specifically this cathedral as well as make sure that whatever is within the labyrinth, which I cannot speak of, because to speak it endangers you, stays within the labyrinth so that according to the deal made by Charlemagne himself, Germany will prosper. In particular, Germany will prosper in all that grows. There is more but I cannot tell you unless you take the promise.” “How can I take the promise?” “Through the…” Zia interjects “We would like to know, but we will not take the promise right now, since we are here to help the people of Auchen not be possessed anymore.” “I will say how it will be done through the ritual” "Hulda rattles off the ritual to pass the Keeper of the Regalia down. “Yes” “Out of curiosity, do any of us here meet your requirements.” “All of you do.” Zia says “that I good to know, and if you do pass this obligation/promise on can you pass on to the next world?” “with that promise discharged I certainly could, but with the situation with the pagans I would not leave my ppl.”Hank asks “what is going on there?” “I do not know the full source, but my understanding is that there was a time where a group of pagan worshippers offended Charlemagne and he found himself required to remove them due to the discord they were causing. To my understanding they were following a god that preaches the antithesis of what Charlemagne wanted for the Empire.” “Meaning?” “That is all I know. It is a long time for you, but a long time for me as well. Unless you can travel back in time or get those pagans to talk to you in anyway that is helpful, but I am not sure it is relevant” “The one’s caught in the Hedge?” “What is this Hedge you speak of?” “we entered the cathedral through the spaces between this world and the world of those who took us. Some call it the Hedge.” “Hmm we had wondered what those spaces were, we assumed they were another dimension like those the ghosts come through.” “Possibly” “interesting.” “the ghosts possessing people outside the cathedral, are they with the pagans?” “yes” “I see. they don’t all appear to be archaic.” “well we have noticed that ourselves over the years. it is assumed that they have ways of turning ghosts to their purposes, convincing them to join them, or as far as I know anyone who goes to visits their place is compelled to kill themselves and join them. I don’t know, they won’t speak to us, they just try to kill us.” “You say that there is another dimension from which the ghosts enter this world?” “yes, those of us who cannot go on to Heaven, we, especially if our bound to the world is complicated may access a kind o fin between dimension. I myself am too thoroughly bound to this world to enter it, but some of the ppl here in the cathedral can.” “for those who know how to look, there are holes in the area around this cathedral. are those to that dimension? are you aware of them?” “we have seen them before, although not this time. I believe that they serve a dual purpose. on the one hand it permits the pagans to move ghosts forward who may not be able to do so on their own, and it allows them to suck up the ghostly energy that is in the way to their path here and use it to power themselves. if you are finding ghosts in the Hedge it makes me ponder the relationship between your Hedge and my ghost dimension.” “could that energy be what is causing the fires in the mundane realm?” “i can imagine that could be an affect, but fire is a common part of their attack and during their attack me and my followers are busy defending this cathedral not researching.” “do you know what will be required for these pagans to move on?” “i imagine its what all ghosts who remain here need, they need completion, they need vengeance. but I will not permit them to have this cathedral. it is a bastion of Christian strength and the Empire even though it is my understanding that outside the walls it has fallen.” "Are there other ways to remove a ghost than to allow them to fulfill their unfinished pupose. “Not available to me” “anything you can tell us?” “if you can locate their bodies then you my be able to do something, however, given the strength of these particular ghosts and how established in place they are, well there was a theory in well I believe the 1200s or so that they could not be destroyed because they were so thouroughly rooted in place because the promises they had made to the god that they follow, and since that god is such a strong link to Germany, they cannot be removed without fulfilling their duty.” “their god?” Hulda chimes in “Who is it?” As much as you would like me to know, it has been 500 years between my time and theirs." “Is it the person in the labyrinth?” Hank asked. “I do not know who it is , god goddess, demon, but it is someone who was so connected to Germany and may still be” Hank then asks, "your position means you would have been fluent in latin?’ “yes” “i have been attempting to translate the ramblings of the pagans to see if their is info about alternate means of disposing of them, and my latin is further from theirs then yours. do you know the meaning of carne dia?” “horned goddess” “And vindido” “vengeance home. there may be something else that in the time had meaning.” “and [eagle vine]” “that seems like it may be the most accurate translation, perhaps….eagle stands with the vine would be more accurate.” “thank you” “if we found a way to remove the pagan threat, and obtained you a successor for the regalia, would you be able to rest?” “yes” Hank gestures at the other ghosts, “are they held here by you?” “many of them are held here by the promises they made me to protect the cathedral from this threat. it is unclear whether if I pass on their promises will pass on to the person who takes on my role.” A ghost who is standing nearby comes up to Ferdinand Hans and whispers something in his ear. "Where you came in, there are more of you on the other side? Hank: “the other side can be a temperamental place, we wanted to make sure our return was safeguarded.” “Very well, but I find myself wanting to make an offer and I want to make it to all of you.” Hank and Hulda goes to get the rest of the crew.

Group returns to Ferdinand Hans. He asks, “Can you tell me where you are each from?” Hulda asks “Can you tell us why, my lord.” “I am trying to make a decision.” Party says where they are from. Asantewa says the name of the district in New Orleans she is from, and the ghost is confused, and asks since his geography is 500 years out of date. “And….you are all sworn to your freehold yes?” the party replies yes. “And….your oath to your freehold, your allegiance is currently to Achen yes?” looking at those who weren’t born in the boundaries of the HRE. They affirm, but Asantewa says “That is what the oath to the freehold means, a desire to see its citizens unharmed.” “And what are your faiths?” Party replies. He asks the non-Christians if they were willing to be baptized. “I will give all of you a great gift, a gift that is normally given to those of the Catholic faith.” Zia responds “as you know the world has changed, Germany is now a country of many faiths.” “You make a decent point, I have been in this cathedral for a long time.” Amy is uncomfortable about making a promise (getting baptized) without knowing enough it. Hank explains, and Amy is baptized by a priest ghost.

Ghosts, Amy and Hank return. Party forms a line. Hank, Asantewa, Amy, Marcella, Hulda, Zia, Fianna, Pasha. Ferdinand Hans, appears to be wearing misty versions of the regalia. He walks up to the 2nd step and says “It has come to my attention that perhaps it is time for 1 war to be ended. my colleague, [nodding to one of the ghosts], has reminded me that wars end and new wars arise. I have been informed that having the war I currently fight still active may be a problem for the war that you are all about to fight. and with that in mind, I have made the decision to give myself over to the pagans and hope that they will appeased. but before I do so, I must pass on a promise. I must pass on a solemn duty and it cannot be passed to one who has no corporeal body, but I have done some thinking and I believe it can be passed to more then 1 person as long as they all have a connection. therefore, I wish to know if all of you are willing.” Marcella asks “what exactly will we be taking on?” “you will be taking on the promise passed on from Charlemagne himself to pass on the power of the HRE. and gain a connection to the sacred power held within the Holy Regalia. this is what you would gain.” Marcella asks “is your expectation that we will crown a new HRE? are you aware of the current political situation in Germany?” “I am, I expect that you would be involved the next time political power changes, but I understand if you do not since you would not want to out yourselves.” “and do we need to pass it on?” “yes, before you die.” “and do all of us have to, or just one of us.” “just one of you would probably be enough but this is new” “what connection does this power have to the labyrinth?” “it has a connection to the promise as we discussed.” Party agrees……. His appearance becomes more distinct and he sits on the throne. “What I am about to impart to you will not be something you understand immediately. you might not recall the giving of the power. it is not something we understand, and with the additional force from it not being passed on in so long, it might be more powerful. it is why I felt it should be passed along to more than 1 person. may I begin?”

As part of the ritual – Hank gets the crown. Asentewa gets the lance. Amy gets the gloves. Marcella gets the sword. Hulda gets the Imperial Bible. Zia gets the imperial orb. Fianna gets the saber of Charlemagne. Pasha gets a reliquary.

Hulda has a vine entwined with her soul that apparently has a connection and ability to communicate with the Green Man. When researching this she finds a reference to Changelings visualizing their bond to their Keeper as vines holding them back.


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