Iris Zwilling

Medium and general anti social person


Basic Information
Name: Iris Zwilling – no nickname given so far
Player: Azshyra
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth
Seeming: Darkling
Kith: Gravewight
Court: Courtless

Seeming Blessing: May spend Glamour to add to any dice pools involving Wits, Subterfuge, and Stealth. 1 point of Glamour equates to 1 extra die.
Kith Blessing: May spend one point of glamour to see ghosts for the rest of the scene
Seeming Curse: -1 using contracts in daylight -2 if sun is directly visible

Health: 9
Willpower: 6
Wyrd: 3
Glamour: 12/12
Clarity: 7


Intelligence: 3
Wits: 3
Resolve: 2

Strength: 2
Dexterity: 3
Stamina: 4

Presence: 1
Manipulation: 1
Composure: 4

Mental (-3 unskilled)

Academics : 2
Computer: 3
Crafts: 0
Investigation(Dreams): 3
Medicine: 0
Occult (Ghosts): 3
Politics: 0
Science: 0

Physical (-1 unskilled)

Athletics: 0
Brawl : 0
Drive: 0
Firearms(Rifles): 5
Larceny: 0
Stealth(Moving in Darkness): 0
Survival: 0
Weaponry: 0

Social (-1 unskilled)

Animal Ken: 2
Empathy: 2
Expression : 0
Intimidation: 0
Persuasion: 0
Socialize: 0
Streetwise: 0
Subterfuge: 0


Creeping Dread – If a target attempts to enter the changeling’s dwelling, the changeling can increase their fear once they step inside.
Night’s Subtle Distractions – When used outdoors at night, the changeling can use the darkness to cover their own movements.

shades and Spirit:
Ghostly Presence – If the changeling is a Gravewight or knew a person in life, they may hear, see and communicate with their ghost in death.
Dread Companion – Once a changeling presses blood onto the forehead of all involved, a ghost can affect one of their senses.
Haunting Intercession – If a changeling sets up a special feast offering for a ghost, any who participate in the meal can see, speak with, and touch the ghost as if they were living.
Waking the Dead – A changeling may offer their blood to a shade in exchange to have any question answered.

’The Heimdahlszunft Pledge
The benefit of this pledge is that the freehold protects your sense of self by giving you +1 die on all rolls to retain Clarity.

Size: 5
Speed: 3
Defense: 3
Armor: 1?
Initiative: 6

Current Experience: ?
Experience Spent: ?
Experience Total: ?


Iris was born in december of 1994 but not in Aachen, still her family moved there before even entering school. A quiet child with few friends and then rather unremarkable features, she never had many friends and those she did have had a habit of abusing her trust. She is never quite sure whether somebody means what they say to this day and has a very hard time trusting people as well as being incredibly insecure in interpreting their intentions.

Her mother worked, her father stayed at home and tried his best to take care of her and her two younger siblings – a considerable task if one takes the nature of her twin brothers into account. Iris learned to lock her door very quickly, but for her father it wasn’t as easy.

Growing up she always liked the quietness and the cloak of the night, it wasn’t looking at her and it hid her from the glances of the others. She preferred to read to going outside and to stay on the computer and learn about programming and all sorts of other things to talking to her classmates, much to the exasperation of her parents, who had always tried to push her to be a slightly more normal, outgoing girl, albeit without much success.

In the end they gave her a choice: pick a sport, any sport and she would get a new computer for herself. Iris’ choice was shooting. It required headphones, so little talking would be going on, it required concentration, somethings he was quite good at, and it didn’t involve much actual exercise as well as giving her a feeling of security. While she may have gone begrudgingly at first, soon enough she started to enjoy herself and improve quite quickly, to the point of having taken part in national championships just before she got abducted.

Having a fondness for graveyards, literature and the night had its perils apparently, as she found out one night, staying out late and having told her parents she was attending a friend’s birthday, she was 18 at the time and something was out of the ordinary…

Exploring she seen enough found herself dragged in and on a much different graveyard with an old woman and a masked and veiled figure. After that she would spend what felt like years taking care of the Graveyard – and getting acquainted with its less alive inhabitants.


While she wasn’t quite before, Iris is now quite a tall woman, thin, thinner than she had been, with very pale skin as opposed to the slight tan it used to have and with her wavy dark brown hair turned to black, the differences are clearly noticeable. She has gray eyes, which used to be a watery blue color, long, thin hands and rather delicate fingers, a decently sized burn scar on one arm where her cooking went awry, which she likes to cover up with long sleeves. In fact Iris is rather fond of long sleeves in general, same for long trousers and stylish boots. Clothes wise she prefers cool, dark colors with a slightly androgynous appearance, to match her facial features. She has a straight nose, somewhat angular lips and rather strong brows, together with her height and boyish figure she might just be mistaken for a young man at times.

Iris Zwilling

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