Former Ivory Queen, champion of justice


After a durance spent fighting alongside and eventually leading other changelings, Marcella is very used to thinking of others’ well being above her own. She is the leader of Vogelfrei.


Mask: Marcella is a broad-shouldered, well-muscled, tall woman with light skin and very dark/black hair that goes down to mid-back (usually pulled back in a pony tail or braid). Her skin never seems to burn, despite its unusual fairness. She is half Chinese, half German.

Mien: Marcella’s skin has the polished sheen of carved ivory, and feels cool and smooth to the touch. She “wears” a carved ivory crown, as one would see on a queen from a chess set. This crown is not removable. When she bruises, her skin becomes discolored and lined like aged ivory. When she is wounded, her skin starts to split and crack.





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