Pinky and Ring

Hedge Foxes of Oaths




Pinky and Ring are hedge foxes dedicated to the maintenance of oaths. In the past they have assisted anyone from the True Fae, changelings, and other creatures of the hedge keep their oaths or ensure that those who do not keep their oaths are punished. They can smell if someone has broken an oath, whether it is as small as promising to flush the toilet or big as killing someone you had sworn to protect. After they entered the real world, they were assaulted by the stench of broken promises and vowed to fix it. They saw the real world as a place where the weak must be protected and oathbreakers punished.

The pair built a safe place in the Hedge for those who had had oaths broken to them to recover and achieve their dreams. They also punished at the very least Gregor Kaestner and perhaps others with death for oathbreaking.

Pinky is more carefree than her solider sister Ring. Neither fox has yet been convinced of the error of their ways.

Pinky and Ring

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