Knives of Arianrhod

These star-shaped knives can be pulled out of FIanna's hair and used as brawling aids or throwing knives.

weapon (melee)

As a full action, Fianna may pull a handful of “stars” from her hair. These function as a weapon, and fade after one scene.

  • When used as a brawling aid, the Knives function as +2 Brass Knuckles, and cover one whole fist.
  • When used as throwing knives, the Knives function as +2 Knives, and separate into three distinct blades.

The Knives of Arianrhod were not always known so…despite Fianna’s outward crassness she can be quite poetic when it comes down to it, and it was she who gave them their new name.

The Knives started as bits of metal, strung into her hair by her Keeper, so that it would sparkle all the more when she was in the sky. But metal is sharp, and it was receptive to both Fianna’s thoughts of retribution and the energies of Arcadia…

Knives of Arianrhod

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