The Trusty Tool

Zia's Swiss Army Knife of the Gods


The trusty tool can provide any tool requested of it, though more uncommon and complex tools may take a bit more time.

Roll Dexterity + Crafts to cause the tool to generate a new tool. Can be an extended roll.
1.Simple (screwdriver, spoon, simple knife, sewing needle): 1 successes
2.Moderately complicated (laser pointer, glass cutter): 2 succeses
3.Complicated (highly specific): 5 successes
4.Toolbox of Awesome (sewing machine, mini 3D printer, sonic screwdriver): 8 successes
For every 2 successes over the required successes, something shiny is added to the tool.
Created tools are stored in the multi-tool, but any tool larger than size 1 will not be reusable indefinitely as it cannot be stored inside the multitool.

Dramatic Failure: You make a tool alright…not sure what you can do with an air conditioner to get this door open. The tool cannot produce any other tools for a full day and you do not have access to any of his prepared ones.
Failure: He does not make the tool for you. Not because he can’t mind you, he just doesn’t feel like and nothing you say with change his mind. You may try again in one scene.
Success: He makes the tool, just like you asked, perhaps with a flourish. The tool you make adds the level plus one die to your dice pool for rolls involving that object.
Exception Success: He makes you the best version of that tool ever!!!! And boy is he excited about it. He added a feature or two you never even thought of or perhaps the one you were secretly hoping he would add. The tool you make adds the level plus 3 dice for rolls involving that object.


The Trusty Tool was Zia’s most reliable resource in the craftroom. The Trusty Tool talks and plots and has a distinct personality. It relishes making fun and new tools and will sometimes get cranky and give the tool HE thinks is best, regardless of what you wanted.

The Trusty Tool

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