Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 56: Don't Let the Black Queen Ride the Bus


The party (mostly Hank and Hulda) do research into the disappearances around the city of Aachen. Amy becomes increasingly convinced that it may have something to do with her Keeper.

Hulda speaks with one of the court archivists and then Alter. Alter decides to implement increased defenses across the freehold using the system Maria, Anya and Marcella are a part of, somewhat confusing the rest of the party, as she is currently unreachable. The system that is put in place requires the use of a special token in order to leave the boundaries of the city.

Meanwhile, a confused Asantewaa is put on a bus back to the house by herself, and when she arrives, attempts to simply break in through the windows, which fails spectacularly because Hank has covered them all with vinyl. This results in a very silly fight, and once everyone has calmed down, assurances from the rest of the party to Asantewaa that she indeed has a place to stay and that she does not need to leave.


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