Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 58: Sprinklesnout and Fancy Lady do Business


Alter tells the party that the miniature schoolhouse and the people inside it were brought to the freehold by a hob named Sprinklesnout, and asks the party to investigate the issue. Byron drives the party to the Hedge entrance to the market. The party enters through a delicatessen, and while most of them manage to sneak past, Marcella is forced to purchase expensive smoked salmon in order to sneak through to the freezer entrance.

In the market, after asking around, they find another dollhouse at the stall belonging to Sprinklesnout. Zia buys it from Sprinklesnout, as well as the information on whom he got the dollhouse from in the first place, for the price of Zia’s revenge towel and potential future business, Fianna’s stars, and Marcella’s left shoe.

Amy is given charge of the dollhouse, and the party finds another dollhouse in a stall nearby. The proprietor trades it for Marcella’s smoked salmon.

After the party locates the Maker’s stall, Fianna and Marcella do a walk-by to observe.


[Refer to audio log dated August 9th, 2015]



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