Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 59: Grand Theft Zia


The party makes its way to the Maker’s stall. On the way, Hank asks Amy what her Keeper or any other Fae Amy remembered seeing looked like, and the party learns that Amy’s Keeper was acquainted at the very least Hulda and Zia’s Keepers.

After a short time talking with the Maker, both Zia and Asantewaa realize that the person in front of them is actually a True Fae. Despite trying to keep calm, the Maker realizes that they have figured this out, and reacts by grabbing Zia by the neck and dragging her through her back door.

The party chases after them but the Maker pulls Zia through the house ahead of them, which turns into a Hollow. They encounter several different rooms and periods in their pursuit. They encounter more dollhouses, one of which has changelings in it. They run into a pack of briar wolf guards, and Hank attempts to intimidate them into accepting him as their leader.

Fianna, as the fastest, is sent back with the dollhouses to Byron to drop them off and ask for help.


[Refer to audio log dated August 23rd, 2015]



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