Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 63: I Don't Like You AND You're Stupid.


The party returns to the freehold without Amy, and do their best to describe what happened to the monarchs without breaking their promise to the Maker. The monarchs agree that they are in a bad situation, and promise to not force them to violate their agreement. They offer their support and resources to help the party

During the meeting with the monarchs, Asantewaa gets a text message from Amy asking where she is, and the party attempts to contact her the same way, though they largely meet with failure.

Hulda sets up several articles and websites focusing on items in legend that have come to life and other stories with similar features to what the Maker desires.

Hank and Asantewaa researched notable dolls in Avignon, where the Maker’s poppet most likely is. They have a couple of leads, and are also focusing on the specific category of cursed doll legends.

Marcella and Asantewaa have a heated argument about the agreement with the Maker, fundamentally different worldviews and whether or not Asantewaa should be held to the terms of the agreement because she didn’t agree to it and thinks that any deal made with the Fae is invalid. She also refuses to listen to anything Marcella says, and believes that this will not be a good party for her to be a part of, but refuses to leave until Amy is safe. Hank has his own frustrated conversation with Asantewaa concerning her justification for her position on not agreeing to the party’s contract with the Maker.

Zia is still very much in shock and chooses to spend the night in Fianna’s bed instead of her own. Fianna stays nearby and sings lullabies until she’s sure she’s asleep.

In later conversation with Asantewaa, Hank notices her tendency to switch languages and attitudes at the drop of a hat.


[Refer to audio log dated September 20th, 2015]



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