Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 65: The Cutthroat World of Doll Collecting


While on the train, the party discusses avenues on how to approach the task of obtaining the doll they need. Hulda will continue her work on the internet with fake articles and posts. Hank and Zia will pose as a father-daughter pair interested in dolls in order to investigate the names Hank has made a list of during his research. Marcella is given the role of paranormal investigator using one of Hulda’s dummy accounts. Fianna falls asleep.

When they get to the hostel everyone settles into their assigned roles. Zia sets up the many, many crafting supplies she has brought along.

Once in Avignon, the party quickly learns that there is a doll society feud among the collectors in Avignon, and that there are two definitive potential options for the doll they need to find for the Maker. One of the dolls is in possession of either of the most vocal proponents of the rivalry.

Hank and Zia spoke to a couple of the collectors in Avignon in order to better assess whether their dolls are the correct one. People continue to occasionally get the feeling that they are being watched.

Hulda acquires a dollhouse as a prop for helping to fabricate the tale of the Maker.


[Refer to audio log dated October 4th, 2015]



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