Rites of the Spring Horn

Game 66: There are Too Many Dolls in Avignon


The party pays visits to both of the leaders of the doll feud in Avignon. It was also discovered that the cause of the rift in the doll society was whether or not the leaders in question, Madame Barbot or Madame DuBois, had the authentic doll. After examining both dolls, the party realized that they are functionally identical. Both are magical, and Madame DuBois’ doll at the very least is of Fae-make.

Meanwhile, Marcella gets kicked out of the children’s museum she was investigating as the supernatural blogger for acting oddly, and when Hank and Zia visit the nearby toy museum, they also find another magical doll that, while not identical to the first two, is very similar in nature.

Madame DuBois also noticed Asantewaa, and wants to examine her, as she believes she is a tiny, exquisitely detailed doll. She is also in possession of a doll that belonged to her grandmother, which apparently so resembled her grandmother’s missing sister that she became obsessed with it. The doll is almost certainly a changeling.


[Refer to audio log dated October 11th, 2015]



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