Guidelines for Obsidian Portal Incentive Program

What is the program?

So, you really want that shiny 5th dot of Contract or a 6th dot of Wyrd? Well, you’ll still have to wait awhile, but you can bring that day a bit closer by participating in our Obsidian Portal Incentive Program. What does that entail you ask? Ah, well, basically, update obsidian portal, get experience points.

Start of Game Benefits

At the beginning of game, please make a character page and fill out at least one paragraph about your character for 1 exp point. Plan on updating this throughout the game. There are two approaches to this. You can either do this: ZiaZan and only have information that characters know in-game right now and plan on updating it every month or so/whenever the PCs learn dribbles of your backstory or this: Fianna and just throw everything on there, including your character sheet. You can also do something between. It is up to you. I (Jenna) recommend that it is helpful for PCs to have a lot of info on there, but you can put a big bolded EVERYTHING BELOW HERE IS NOT YET KNOWN IN GAME above the section with such information if you want.

Then draw your character or find the perfect picture or make a doll of him/her and upload it to your character page. This will net you one more exp point.

Please note that you only get exp points for the initial making of the page and the first picture you put up. It is possible we will expand this in the future, but in no way certain. (aka we are being really nice about exp points you little darlings)

Weekly Options

Character Journal

Every week after game you can type up essentially your character’s journal entry for the game for 1 experience point. What was their view on what happened this game? What were they thinking that they may or may not have revealed? For an example, please see Hulda’s first journal entry: [[Hulda’s thoughts on game 11/10 | Hulda’s thoughts on game 11/10]]

Please keep in mind that we are giving you an option to get an extra experience point every session and in World of Darkness for an amazing session you might get 4 experience points. So please don’t write two sentences of, “and nothing happened, the end.” It is possible if we ever have really short unproductive sessions that Katie and I will declare that that session’s journal should be combined with the next one.


  1. Make your post in the adventure log
  2. Title it something like Zia’s Journal-Game 1, 11/10/13. If you use the in-game date, make sure to reference the game number
  3. Date stamp it the date of that game and set the time to be sometime after the game ended. For example, Game was 11/10/13, so Post Date is 11/10/13, Game was over at 2pm, so I can say the post time is 3pm. (Do not be offended if I go into your post and fix this…it has to do with how the order of the posts will show up and it will annoy me-J)
  4. Write a minimum of 10 sentences. It can be more if you want, more is great. It can be in the form of iambic pentameter or simple prose or a rant if you want. We, your GMs, just want to see inside your character’s heads and we will pay in experience points for it. It should give the reader insight into how your character is feeling and what they thought about the events of this session (or what they didn’t).
  5. Katie and I reserve the right to say not enough happened in a session to be worth an exp point or that someone’s journal entry is far too short. If it was a really short not-productive session and you want to write something up or add to your previous or next journal entry, please don’t let us stop you. You won’t get paid for it, but you’ll be working on your character.
  6. We prefer that you make the post before the next game, so that we get a chance to read your reactions before the next game and write it while it is all fresh in your mind. We understand that you have lives, so if it can’t get done before the next game, then it must be done by the next Wednesday if you want to get a point for it. Ex. Game was 11/10/13, ideally post by 11/17/13, but you can post as late as 11/20/13 for points.

Please note that what you read in other people’s journal’s is not necessarily information your character has. If we notice people acting on out-of-game knowledge, then we will have to discontinue this practice or make the journals something you just send to us instead. Let’s avoid that and keep it in a medium where everything can grow together.

Adventure Log

At the end of every game we will also ask for a volunteer to do a detailed summary of the game in the adventure log for 1 exp. If only one person ever wants to do it, so be it, but people who haven’t had a chance before will get priority. For example:[[Game 1: Fire’s Commotion | “Game 1: Fire’s Commotion”:]] These are going to be long, but as it is a text-based game, most of your work is already done for you.


  1. Formatting is important. Please use H2 headings to separate the summary and the log. Use the paragaph formatting for paragraph et cetera. I found that given the format of this site, shorter paragraphs generally work better.
  2. Begin with a quick summary of what happened. If I had missed game and you had one minute to tell me what happened, what would you say?
  3. Using the Log of DOOOOOOM!!! as a reference, write/copy-paste a detailed summary. Please reference the one I did. General rule of thumb, if the massive text block already exists….use it, perhaps with small edits. If there was a short fight and lots of rolls and actions took place, sum it up, cover the important bits, maybe mention the really epic bits of magic. We write out the dialogue, so try to put as much of the dialogue in as possible.
  4. Insert any images that were linked and sent to you during game. If it is a character image that has since gone that NPCs page, you don’t need to insert it.
  5. Use the nifty character link and wiki link option for the first time a place or character is mentioned in the post.
  6. Please spell-check and read over to make sure it makes sense.

Other Benefits

You can also obtain one experience point for making a character page for an original shiny items that you have. If you have multiple original shinies, you get one point per page that you make. Please write in the stats for the item, what it does, and a description of it. Ideally then add a picture that conveys a sense of what it looks like. An example is The Trusty Tool You don’t have to be quite as detailed as I was, but give me a sense of where you got the item, what history it has (if you know), and what it does.

The Breakdown

Single-Use Benefits

  • 1 exp point 1 time for making a character page
  • 1 exp point 1 time for adding a character picture
  • 1 exp point 1 time for each item page you make

Weekly Benefits

  • 1 exp point possible per game session for a journal entry
  • 1 exp point possible per game session for the log-writing volunteer

Guidelines for Obsidian Portal Incentive Program

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