Posting and Experience Guidelines

The following is a quick and easy guide to posting and experience for the Rites of the Spring Horn:


  • Please have your Skype status as Online so that everyone can see that you are typing.
  • When speaking "out-of-character, or ‘OOC,’ please enclose whatever you type in asterisks.

Example: *Can my character try and jump the wall?*

  • When speaking in-character, using the voice of your character, use quotation marks to indicate dialogue.

Example: “I’m going to try and jump this wall.”

  • When you are asked to make a roll, please indicate your results in the following fashion: [number of successes rolled/number total dice rolled]

Example: Player A has been asked to roll Composure + Wits. Player A has 3 Composure and 2 Wits. They roll 2 successes. They write this as [2/5]

  • When the DMs post with a “What do you do?” you have 5 minutes to start typing. If you have not responded by that point or indicated that you are away during that time, we will go on without you.
  • When the DMs post with a “Respond if you wish” or something similar, you have 2 minutes to respond or begin typing. If you have not responded by that point or indicated that you are away during that time, we will go on without you.
  • Please note that the above two rules DO NOT mean that we will go on without you if your character is truly needed to make an action. In situations were you are not essential, if you do not respond, we will assume that you continue doing what you were doing/don’t do anything of note. The above two rules are to ensure that game continues moving.—


Experience is awarded following each session. It is used to buy up new abilities and attributes. The rules for spending experience are as follows:

  • You must be able to explain your expenditure of experience: You cannot just manifest a sudden ability to fire guns if you have never held one before in your life.

Example: Player A wants to buy a third dot in a Contract he has affinity in, which would cost him 12 experience points. He stipulates to his Storyteller that during his free time, he spends a lot of time working with a senior changeling in his court to explain why he has learned the contract. This is sufficient to explain his gaining the contract, and once he spends the 12 experience points, he can now have access to it.

  • Keep your Storytellers apprised of how much experience you have gained, how much you have spent, and how much you have available. This is for our records and is useful as a reference should you ever lose track.

Posting and Experience Guidelines

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