Rites of the Spring Horn

Marcella's Journal - Game 5 (12/15/13)

Marcella’s mind is racing after the conversation about the seasons with Zia, Hulda, and the others. It sounds like they have something here, something big, to judge by the fact that all of their keepers seemed to have some information about this Spring-withholding business. The memory of the Hedge slamming closed on her view of Berlin when she was escaping is still fresh. Could this have something to do with why all of them, even the English-speakers like Amy and Fianna, ended up in Aachen? These are answers she wants badly, but now isn’t the time to go searching for them. Not until after they find out if they are too late to save the missing children. She’ll have to make sure to talk to the Spring Court once all this is over.

Marcella has been steadily getting more suspicious about Amy’s “friends” as they find out more about these incidents, and finally she decides to ask Amy about them. What she hears confirms her suspicions – these could definitely be the creatures that drowned the pawnbroker and kidnapped the children. The fact that Amy doesn’t seem to acknowledge the possibility that her “friends” might have sinister motives is pretty concerning. Didn’t she learn from her time in Arcadia that things are almost never as they appear?

When they find the foxes, Marcella becomes even more concerned for Amy. These creatures just killed a man, and she wants to walk into their lair! As everyone else seems to be slowly won over by Amy’s arguments, Marcella’s certainty begins to waver slightly. Is it possible that she is overreacting? Could Amy be right that they are harmless? Every time she starts to be swayed, though, she pulls herself out of it. There is definitely something wrong with these foxes. They kidnapped and murdered people, plus who knows what else. Hedge creatures can say anything to get you to do what they want. Why should these be any different? There is a small part of her that realizes that this is the only way for their group to have a chance of finding anything out about the foxes – without Amy going in, they will literally be at a dead end. But her overwhelming instinct is to protect Amy from danger, even though this is their only lead. In the end, she only lets Amy go because it seems like the others are perfectly willing to break into the Hollow with her if something goes wrong.

Fortunately, it doesn’t come to that, since one of the little girls let them in. Once she finds Wendel Braun, Marcella begins to understand the foxes. It isn’t that they are evil, precisely. They just have no concept of human morality or complexity. That still makes them incredibly dangerous, however, when they have the power to enchant humans, or even kill them. Though the immediate goal to get the three humans out of danger is eventually achieved, Marcella plans to make a full report to the Court to make sure that the freehold is on watch for further incidents perpetrated by these foxes.



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