The Worst. Fairest. Ever.


Basic Information

Name: Blair Cameron—“Fianna”
Player: Katie
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath
Seeming: Fairest
Kith: Telluric
Court: Summer (Mantle 3)

Seeming Blessing: May spend Glamour to add to any dice pools involving Manipulation, Presence, and Persuasion. 1 point of Glamour equates to 1 extra die.
Kith Blessing: Always know the exact time of day as calculated locally, two free Specialties in Astronomy and Astrology.
Seeming Curse: -1 to all rolls to retain Clarity.

Health: 9
Willpower: 6
Wyrd: 6
Glamour: 15/15
Clarity: 7
Incite Bedlam: Once per chronicle
Frailty: Must finish singing aloud any song she knows the lyrics to.


Intelligence: 2
Wits: 4
Resolve: 4

Strength: 4
Dexterity: 4
Stamina: 4

Presence: 2
Manipulation: 2
Composure: 2


Mental (-3 unskilled)

Academics (Astronomy): 1
Computer: 1
Crafts: 1
Investigation: 2
Medicine: 1
Occult (Astrology): 3
Politics: 0
Science: 0

Physical (-1 unskilled)

Athletics: 4
Brawl (Fistfights): 6
Drive: 0
Firearms: 0
Larceny: 2
Stealth: 2
Survival: 2
Weaponry: 1

Social (-1 unskilled, penalty negated by Fairest Seeming Blessing)

Animal Ken: 0
Empathy: 3
Expression (Singing): 4
Intimidation (Stare-Downs): 2
Persuasion: 3
Socialize: 2
Streetwise (Gangs): 3
Subterfuge: 2


Contracts of Elements (Fire)—Rank 5

  • Cloak of the Elements: Protects against extremes of the selected element. Costs 2 Glamour, no dice roll is required. The effect lasts for a scene. CATCH: Carrying a small representation of the element in question.
  • Armor of the Element’s Fury: Sheathes the changeling’s body in the selected element. The changeling may choose to cover their entire body or only certain parts of it. This does not affect the changeling’s clothing or any items that are small and close to the body. This affect provides 1 point of armor against all attacks. You may attack with this element with Dexterity + Brawling + 1/2 Wyrd. May not combine with a standard Brawl attack. Costs 2 Glamour, a roll of Dexterity + Wyrd is required to determine success. CATCH: The changeling is touching the element in question when the contract is invoked.
  • Control Elements: A changeling can take control of a small amount of the selected element. Costs 3 Glamour, a roll of Manipulation + Wyrd is required to determine success. The higher the number of successes, the more of the element the changeling can control. CATCH: The area is completely dominated by the selected element.
  • Calling the Element: A changeling can call their element from a distance by rolling Wits + Wyrd repetitively until they reach a total of at least five successes. The changeling needs to be able to see the location the element is coming from or know its location. The element moves physically towards the changeling when summoned. Control Element must be used on the element when it arrives to control it further. CATCH: The changeling is calling the element only to impress and awe viewers.
  • Becoming the Primal Foundation: The changeling becomes a living manifestation of their element. Small items and clothing temporarily disappear. The change takes one turn. Fire element keeps all Mental and Social Attributes, and lose all Physical characteristics, but triples the character’s speed and can cause lethal damage using Brawl. The fire element is also largely immune to physical harm, though water will extinguish them. The change lasts for a scene, and can be ended early. CATCH: The changeling sits and contemplates a large amount of the specific element immediately before transforming.

Contracts of Vainglory—Rank 1

  • Mask of Superiority: The changeling convinces someone that they are their social or professional superior. Costs 2 Glamour, a roll of Wyrd + Intimidation – Resolve is required to determine success. CATCH: The changeling is pretending to be a socialite or a celebrity whose fame comes from high standing or good looks alone.

Contracts of Vainglory—Rank 2

  • Songs of Distant Arcadia: Allows the changeling to become an incredible performer. Costs 2 Glamour, a roll of Presence + Expression is required to determine success. CATCH: The changeling is giving a performance in front of a wealthy and powerful audience.
    Contracts of Separation—Rank 1
  • Tread Lightly The changeling moves across a surface without leaving any tracks, and as if they weighed almost nothing. Attempts to track them suffer a -2 penalty. The character can also climb structures that would not normally support their weight, though they cannot run, jump, or climb better than normal. Costs 1 Glamour, a roll of Dexterity + Wyrd is required to determine success. CATCH: The changeling is wearing fancy and delicate footwear that would be ruined if this contract were not activated.

Contracts of Separation—Rank 2

  • Evasion of Shackles: All restraints on the changeling unlock or fall off. Costs 1 Glamour, a roll of Wyrd + Larceny is required to determin success. CATCH: The changeling has been unjustly imprisoned.

Contracts of Separation—Rank 3

  • Breaching Barriers: A changeling can pass through any locked or blocked opening that they could fit through if it were open. Costs 1 Glamour (or 2 if bringing one other person with them), and requires a roll of Presence + Wyrd. CATCH: The character has been deliberately imprisoned by another changeling.

Contracts of Separation—Rank 4

  • Elegant Protection: A changeling can increase their Defense in order to be extremely hard to hit. Costs 2 Glamour, and requires a roll of Dexterity + Wyrd. A successful roll grants bonus points of Defense equal to the changeling’s Wyrd rating, even against firearms and is still effective while unconscious. CATCH: The changeling is unarmed and non-aggressive.

Contracts of Stone—Rank 1

  • Might of the Terrible Brute The changeling may use their strength more effectively, adding a number of dots of Strength to their pool equal to how many successes they roll on a Strength + Wyrd roll. Costs 1 Glamour. CATCH: The changeling is fighting multiple enemies barehanded without aid of tool or weapon.

Contracts of Stone—Rank 2

  • Ogre’s Rending Grasp The character can focus his inhuman prowess against an inanimate object. Using this Contract, the changeling can rip down a wall with his bare hands or bash in the sturdiest door with a lead pipe. The changeling rolls Strength + Wyrd, and must either touch or be able to clearly see an object to use this clause upon it. Costs 2 Glamour. CATCH: The changeling is trying to remove a barrier, like a wall or a door.

Contracts of Oath and Punishment—Rank 1

  • Pursuer’s Seven-League Leap The character can leap astounding distances. The changeling rolls Athletics + Wyrd. For every success the changeling can jump 15 feet horizontally or eight feet vertically. An exceptional success increases the changeling’s Defense score by 2 for the next turn. Costs 1 Glamour. CATCH: The changeling is pursuing an oathbreaker.

Contracts of Punishing Summer—Rank 1

  • Smoldergrip The character can cause any item Size 3 or smaller (about the size of a human child) to burn red hot. The character rolls Strength + Wits -Size of the object and they must be able to see the object to use the contract on it. The opponent must succeed a Resolve + Stamina roll to keep their hold on it, and the effect lasts for a number of turns equal to the caster’s Wyrd. Costs 1 Glamour. CATCH: The changeling has a real sunburn.

Contracts of Punishing Summer—Rank 2

  • Battle Bright The character can cause themselves to radiate bright searing light to blind their opponents. This contract does not work on Summer courtiers. The changeling makes a contested roll of Presence + Wyrd versus the highest Wits + Composure of the enemies opposing her. On a success everyone who can see the changeling has their Defense halved (rounded down), all attack rolls are at a -2, and all Perception rolls are at a -3. This contract may only work once a day and the changeling must stand still while using it. Costs 2 Glamour. CATCH: The character is holding a burning torch.

Contracts of Punishing Summer—Rank 3

  • Crown of Clashing Fire The character may declare single combat between themselves and one other person that they indicate. The roll is Resolve + Wyrd – their opponent’s Stamina. Once the Contract is activated by pointing at the selected opponent, a ring of thorns rises up around both changelings once they are within ten yards of one another. In the next turn the ring of thorns bursts into flames. Characters in the ring who are not part of the duel lose a Willpower point per turn as well as suffer -3 to all their Physical rolls until they leave the ring. These characters are not hurt when leaving. The ring will not dissolve until one of the combatants is unconscious or dead or a number of turns has passed equal to the contract user’s Wyrd score. Either duelist attempting to leave the ring before this happens suffers two levels of aggravated damage. Costs 2 Glamour and 1 Willpower. (An exceptional success returns the Willpower to the user). CATCH: The changeling has scars from fighting this opponent before.

Contracts of Eternal Summer—Rank 1

  • Son of the Hearth The character is comfortable in all temperatures and may use this contract to change the heat level in an area. The changeling rolls Wyrd + Survival to moderate their internal temperature, and may spend a Willpower point in addition to the base Glamour cost in order to heat an entire room. The effects last for one hour. Costs 1 Glamour and sometimes 1 Willpower. CATCH: The changeling spits on a fading ember or spark.

Contracts of Eternal Summer—Rank 2

  • Ulf’s Heart The character can cause themselves to shine with a bright light. The changeling rolls their Summer Mantle rating + Strength + Occult in order to begin glowing, and may also dim the light they exude if an exceptional success is made. The light illuminates a 200 yard area around the changeling and does not impede their vision. Costs 1 Glamour to illuminate for a scene, 2 for a full hour. CATCH: It is within five minutes to midnight.

Contracts of Eternal Summer—Rank 3

  • Noonday GraspThe character increases their strength. The changeling rolls Stamina + Brawl + their Summer Mantle rating. The first success grants a point of strength with an additional point of strength per three successes afterwards. An exceptional success will also increase the changeling’s Stamina by one point. Costs 2 Glamour. CATCH: The changeling eats a chunk of naturally formed ice.

Contracts of Shade and Spirit—Rank 1

  • Ghostly Presence The character may see, hear, and communicate with ghosts. The changeling makes a roll of Presence + Wyrd in order to communicate with ghosts. The contract lasts for a scene. Costs 1 Glamour. CATCH: The ghost is someone the character knew in life.

Contracts of Dream—Rank 1

  • Pathfinder The character may ask one basic question per success about the local area of the Hedge they are in. The changeling rolls Wyrd+Int in order to discern this information. Costs 1 Glamour. CATCH: Within the past day, the changeling must have drawn blood taking one of the Hedge’s thorns.


Merits: Brawling Dodge (may add Brawl rating to Defense instead of doubling Defense when dodging), Lethal Mien (Unarmed attacks do lethal damage), Iron Stamina (no fatigue penalties), Fighting Style: Boxing (4), New Identity 2, Resources 1, Striking Looks 2.

Size: 5
Speed: 13
Defense: 4
Armor: 4
Initiative: 6



Fianna’s real name is Blair Cameron, and she was born in Glasgow, Scotland in 1985 to an unwed mother and an unknown father. She became a ward of the state, and was bounced around several foster homes during her childhood, but her natural temper and her inability to play well with others had families sending her back time and again.

One of the gangs in Glasgow ran a covert MMA-style underground fighting ring, where patrons could make bets on the fighters. There were all sorts of matches for all sorts of patrons, and once the gang knew that the foster system had almost given up on her, and that she had the right temperament for it, tempted her with the prospect of getting out of the foster system, if only she would fight.

Blair fought in the gang rings for three years, from ages twelve to fifteen, getting a miniscule cut of the profits that the gang made from letting people watch small children pummel each other every week. It was just enough for her to barely subsist, as she had to pay the gang a fee for living space that was “protected” now.

One night Blair, who had been sitting outside singing to herself—her only really artistic skill, though unfortunately not one she had had a chance to learn properly—made a wish on a falling star to get out of her situation. The star, which was not a star, but a member of the Gentry out looking for new subjects swooped her up in answer.

In Arcadia, Blair’s Keeper kept a demesne that was a large outdoor planetarium. He controlled the sky, in which he had set changelings, who he had warped to form constellations from some unknown sky. He would stare through a giant telescope at the changeling-constellations, changing their places and structures at a whim.

One day, a giant thorny plant broke the observatory’s mechanics, causing the sky to grind to a halt and leaving Blair set in a constellation that she recognized—Orion. Eventually she fell out of the sky, and proceeded to make her way through the Hedge to Aachen, Germany, an escape that was almost thwarted when she was caught in a large silver trap, until she was rescued by another changeling escapee named Zia.

Blair was fifteen when she was stolen by the Gentry in the year 2000. She appears to be approximately eighteen, but her chronological age is actually twenty-eight.

Blair, who now goes by ‘Fianna,’ is temperamental and volatile, and has a severe complex about letting others help her, since asking for help is what got her into trouble with the Gentry in the first place. She is an excellent fighter, but does not necessarily go looking for them, and she is very protective of those she feels she is responsible for. She is brash, and crude, and occasionally very awkward, because she never really got the hand of making friends.

The Mask shows a young woman around seventeen or eighteen, short and slim, almost frail-looking. Her long black hair is tied back in a ponytail, and her eyes are blue. There is a splash of freckles across her nose, but otherwise her skin is clear and very fair, and curiously devoid of scars for a fighter with her history. She dresses in simple, utilitarian clothes for the most part: jeans, simple shirts, vests and hoodies with lots of pockets, and well-worn sneakers. She disdains jewelry; even a watch.

Under the Mask, her pale skin becomes a perfect pearlescent white, like the light of the full moon. Her ears become long and pointed and turn down and outward from her head, and her eyes are no longer blue, but silver irises and pupils set in black sclera. her hair is still dark, but a subtle bluish undertone is added, and while it is usually still in a ponytail, here it falls to her feet, and subtle star-like sparkles are scattered throughout it’s length. She has taken to braiding it up out of the way, and since she has sworn to Summer, her skin occasionally flickers like a heat mirage, and her silver pupils have a slight bluish tinge to them.

Blair may at some point in the future begin to open up to others, but it remains to be seen if that shall be the case.


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