Rites of the Spring Horn

Zia's Journal, 12-14-14

In which Swords Get Feisty

Dear Journal,

That damn game was just as bad as I expected it to be, but it had a lovely surprise added in. The day began well enough. Iris did quite well at her skeet competition. It is good to see her excelling publicly in the Arena events. Maybe she will begin to feel safer here if she fits in. Then it was time for us to suit up and head on out.

Hank is quite adorable in his modesty. Marcella…is less than thoughtful sometimes. I forget that she didn’t actually go through puberty and everything in the real world because she is so put together in general. I forget in general that most of Vogelfrei, everyone besides me and Hank, were rather young when they were taken. In any case, Hank seems rather uncomfortable with naked or otherwise very, shall we say, exposed women. I should keep this in mind for fittings and things.

The Lambswool game…well, we won. Marcella’s sword suddenly manifested a bamboo hut to protect me. That was pretty useful, but apparently Marcella didn’t know it could do that. I do not like discovering abilities of enchanted weapons in front of an Arena of people. Furthermore the hut wouldn’t let me out! I almost panicked Journal, being trapped in that small space, unable to make it let me out. But hey, no one would have seen right?

I managed to be kinda useful during the game, but the team really had it well in hand. I don’t know that my support was really needed at all. That said. I really wish I hadn’t let Marcella talk me into any involvement. Just, watching people fight, get hurt for kicks seems so wasteful. And holding a sword, well, it makes me remember just enough.

Marcella is playing her hand too much with everybody else with that conversation about Jonty. Poor Amy…hopefully someone will tell her all the things she misses eventually.




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