Rites of the Spring Horn

Zia's Journal, 4-13-14

Violence is Bloody and Gross

Dear Journal,

The Arena is a rather lovely building. It is quite clear that a lot of work has gone into its upkeep. Of course, the purpose of this place is fighting and blood. I do not approve. Not at all. There is a certain beauty and grace to the fighters in the ring, but the bloodlust of the audience is quite unbridled and worrisome.

I think we are starting to understand more about the Arena, but not really figuring out how and if Whisper John cheated. I think we can probably trust Arcturos and Trillium. Faron…needs to work on being less of an idiot. You’d think Trillium bit him or something. I know all changelings have issues, hell, I have issues Journal, let me tell you, but that man needs to stop letting his issues control him.

Caesar bought a cloak with some rather curious currency. I will need to find him some purple clothing. Not sure I can make sufficient clothing in just a few days.

I think that we should get a look at the die used in Whisper John’s match. That might tell us something.




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